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Craig Scollard

50 E. Green St. Suite 142
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 795-2870

Mon, Tue, Wed 10:00-1:00.
Thu, Fri, Sat 2:00 to 5:00

Intercom Access Code, Press:
142 and then the CALL button:

Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass Supplies

We offer a wide variety of String Instrument supplies, usually at a 40% discount off the list price. Here is a short list: I'll be adding strings to my shopping cart in the near future.

  • Violin Strings
  • Viola Strings
  • Cello Strings
  • Bass Strings
  • Discount Strings
  • Rosin
  • Chin Rests
  • Chinrests
  • Electric Pickups
  • Electric Violin Pickups
  • Baggs Pickups
  • Cases
  • Bobelock Cases
  • Sales
  • Rentals

Comments (4)
violin repair et al
# 4
Tuesday, 10/25/2016
judith stanfield cromwell
Dear Craig
i would like to restring my 1951 LeCyr violin and whatever else is necessary so i can begin to play again. I also need a new bow, and perhaps a teacher referral. Should i make an appointment? I'm out of town but will return Thurdfay Thirsday evening.
Best regards,

Judith Cromwell
Larsen strings
# 3
Monday, 01/05/2015
Lana Anastasia
what is your fee for Larsen soloist edition cello A & D strings.
a decent bow
# 2
Tuesday, 09/24/2013
Susan Bagley
I have a sherl & Roth R502F3 that I am bringing in tomorrow to have you place a new bridge and strings. I was wondering if you could find a decent (not too expensive) bow for the instrument. It did not come with one.
Carbon Fiber Bows
Friday, 11/01/2013
Craig Scollard
Generally carbon fiber bows are a good buy for the money because they are consistent, straight and stiff enough and play well, plus they are in the low $100 range.
violin chinrest
# 1
Saturday, 09/21/2013
Eugenio Valdes Weiss
Hello, I am violinist and I would like to know if you make violin chinrest. May you send me more information about this, please? Thanks.
Handmade Chinrests
Friday, 11/01/2013
Craig Scollard
I have made hundreds of chinrests and have made copies of many chinrests. I have found that the easiest way to find a chinrest that you like is to try models that you find comfortable. Then sometimes with just a slight adjustment you can get something that's just right. That method is much more cost effective than making a chinrest from scratch or copying an existing chinrest.

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