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Bass Varnish Restoration, Darker and Richer Results

This Bass had it's original varnish changed so that the top was very light and the back and ribs were darker and very mottled. We decided to make the varnish look darker and richer. Unfortunately I didn't take any before shots but here are the results.


DSC00095 DSC00095
DSC00094 DSC00094
DSC00092 DSC00092
DSC00093 DSC00093

Comments (2)
Re varnish a small viola
# 2
Sunday, 02/14/2016
Kathleen greenberg
What would it cost to have this done. The viola is over 180 years old and was made on Europe. My son played it and now his son wants to play it but it needs re-varnishing. It had been in bad shape and I carefully sanded the old finish off but did not know what to use as a varnish so I used tongue oil. It has kt well but needs to be a darker color.
Bass Revarnish
# 1
Saturday, 11/13/2010
Excellent work on the re-varnish. It looks great!

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