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Unconventional Neck Repairs for Violin Family Instruments, No Neck Graft Needed

Violin family instruments necks are susceptible to damage. Normally the best method is to do a neck graft, but because it's time consuming it's a little expensive. Here are some unusual neck repairs that were performed without a neck graft.

I see a lot of bass and cell neck breaks like this one but not too many of this type of violin or viola breaks. She came in just wanting a new "A" string, and told her that she needed the neck repaired.

IMG 20220525 160405 981 IMG 20220525 160405 981


Normally when necks break out and the button breaks, the break is at the weakest point which is the purfling. This is a somewhat unusual because it also took some of the back that's on the other side of the purfling.

IMG 20220215 095200 621 IMG 20220215 095200 621
IMG 20220318 135015 990 IMG 20220318 135015 990
IMG 20220318 135050 418 IMG 20220318 135050 418

Comments (2)
broken viola
# -38
Wednesday, 03/07/2018
i stepped on my viola on accident and the neck broke but the bridge and the strings are fine what should i do
Broken Viola Neck
Wednesday, 04/11/2018
Craig Scollard
It depends how the neck was broken. If it just broke the glue joints and the button is intact, it could just be cleaned out and reglued. If you bring it in to my shop I'll take a look at the viola and see what kind of repair it needs.

call if you can for repairs
# -39
Sunday, 08/14/2016
Mrs. Peabody
Good day. How much is a neck graft? My friend glued my violin back together but he said it needs a neck graft as it broke again, (but just at the neck). My bow was also broken. can that be fixed? Where are you located?

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