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Removing Frozen Bow Screws: WD40 vs Coke - A Comparison

Over the years I have had many customers bring in bows where the screw was frozen. My preferred method of removing the screw is to soak it in WD40 for several weeks.

At time I have run across a few bows where the screw would not free up. Recently one of the bows I was trying to free would not budge even after soaking for a month or so. My customer PV read on a forum that soaking the bow in Coke would work. So I gave that a try. Knowing how Coke reacts to metal, I wanted to test it ever day. After about 4 days it moved about 1/16", then the next day about 1/8". After about 1 1/2 weeks I was able to get the screw turned out.

There were a couple of other bows that were frozen and I had given up on. I started soaking them and sure enough, after a few days they were free.

I can state first hand that Coke works wonders. The only problem is that it slightly discolors the wood making it darker, so my prefered method is to first try WD40 and if that doesn't work I then move on to the Coke method. Below are photos of the three bows that Coke freed up.

IMG 20211101 124308 409 IMG 20211101 124308 409
IMG 20211109 100508 094 IMG 20211109 100508 094






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