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Fingerboard Planing and Buzzing Solutions

After playing an instrument for years, the finger board need to be planed to take out dips and string grooves. If an instrument buzzes only on the open strings most likely the nut is too low. There needs to be a small amount of  swoop in the fingerboard. Too little and the strings will buzz, too much and the string is too hard to press down.

There is a shot of a fingerboard that was buzzing on open string. I have never seen one with such deep string grooves.

IMG 20200703 143202 2 IMG 20200703 143202 2

Comments (1)
3/4 Cello
# -19
Friday, 12/24/2021
Megan G.
Hi Craig -
Thank you for repairing my son’s 3/4 cello yesterday. He told me last night that the strings are much more comfortable and the sound of the cello is much more beautiful. I didn’t really understand his second comment but his cello teacher said the same thing this morning! I’m truly thankful for your talent and hard work. Happy Holidays and hope to see you soon!
3/4 Cello with too much swoop
Saturday, 12/25/2021
Craig Scollard
Although the bridge was fairly low, the string height was too high. There was too much swoop in the fingerboard. I dressed the fingerboard so that the swoop was at a minimum and that lowered the action so that it's now more comfortable to play.


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