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Repairing a Broken End Block on a Sentimental Violin

When I first looked at this violin, I thought the end block was just split in half and I would be able to repair it without taking the top off. Once I started working on it and had the saddle removed, I could tell that it was broken into 4 pieces. I needed to remove the top.

Here are a few photos, the ribs were also a bit warped so I needed to glue in small sections and that one piece of wood was used to push it out a little bit until it dried. Oops, I don't have a photo of the how the bottom bouts looked when it was finished.<>


IMG 20211028 155123 410 IMG 20211028 155123 410
IMG 20220126 121202 390 IMG 20220126 121202 390
IMG 20220126 122213 697 IMG 20220126 122213 697
IMG 20220212 155952 660 IMG 20220212 155952 660
IMG 20220217 141914 268 IMG 20220217 141914 268
IMG 20220225 175218 656 IMG 20220225 175218 656


This is a violin that was made by my customers father, so there is a lot of sentimental value. Usually I can glue ribs back onto the ribs and sometimes repair a broken block without taking the instrument apart. In this case since the ribs were unglued and the block was broken, I needed to take the top off to repair the block and reglue the ribs.

IMG 20170222 115702 IMG 20170222 115702
IMG 20170306 115517 IMG 20170306 115517
IMG 20170306 115452 IMG 20170306 115452
IMG 20170406 142239 IMG 20170406 142239
IMG 20170406 144202 IMG 20170406 144202
IMG 20170408 150447 IMG 20170408 150447
IMG 20170417 100016 IMG 20170417 100016
IMG 20170420 140115 IMG 20170420 140115
IMG 20170502 123435 IMG 20170502 123435

Comments (1)
Pin end block repair
# -19
Saturday, 05/28/2022
I am currently working on a violin, probably French, bottom ribs were separating at pin hole. Top needed work soooo off it came. Pin block was split in half. Have you ever "biscuit reinforced" an end block?
It was split so cleanly through the pin hole I was concerned it would fracture on th next grain to the left, or right.
I took my Dremel tool and cut a line, perpendicular to the grain on the top and bottom of the block.
I used pv glue (please forgive me) and inserted tapered lining strips.
Thought being that the long grain, at right angles to the block, will help hold things together. Maybe it was overkill but if it works as I hope, the Wife will be happy till I die.
All my best,

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