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String Instrument Corner Repair and Replacement | Spruce and Purfling Matching

String instrument corners sometimes get damaged. Usually it's just the outside part of the corner. In that case a small piece of spruce can be matched and then attached and shaped to match the wear of the existing corners.


The photo shows a corner where the inside edge and the purfling was missing. First I found a matching piece of spruce, then shaped it so that it matched the original outline. The top of the piece was left flat so that I could cut the purfling channel. Then I found an old matching piece of purfling and bent it to the correct shape and then glued it into the channel. Then the corner is shaped so that it matches the wear of the original corners. Varnish is then applied so that it also matches the original varnish.

violin-corner-DSC00143 violin-corner-DSC00143

Another Violin Corner replacement. This is a very pale yellow color, if you look closley the varnish on the corner is just a tad darker. Once it's completely dry it can be rubbed down a little. This violin was made by Alfredo Galea from Long Beach.

img 20151229 113850 img 20151229 113850
img 20160111 100616 img 20160111 100616
img 20160111 100602 img 20160111 100602

Bass Corner Replacement

bass-corner-img 20160107 182359 bass-corner-img 20160107 182359
bass-corner-img 20160108 122043 bass-corner-img 20160108 122043
bass-corner-img 20160113 094439 bass-corner-img 20160113 094439
bass-corner-img 20160113 094837 bass-corner-img 20160113 094837

Here is another corner replacement. This time I remembered to take a shot of the template. Each time you make a new corner, a template is made. Usually you make the template from the matching back corner because it has less wear than a top corner.

IMG 20160413 104807 IMG 20160413 104807
IMG 20160413 121921 IMG 20160413 121921

Comments (1)
Fantastic Corner Replacement!!!
# -39
Sunday, 09/04/2016
Hi Mr. Scollard,

Thank you for your great work!! My violin looks just like new!!

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