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Cello Back Seam Repair: Step-by-Step Guide

Here is another cello with a back seam that I glued from the outside. The seam was open at the bottom and there was a nitiacable gap that would not close. Here are the steps I used.

  • Unglue the right lower back bout
  • Wedge it up so I can trim and hand fit the lower part of the seam using a sharp knife
  • Keep checking the fit until the gap in the seam closes.
  • Clamp and glue the center seam back together.
  • This cello really needed a few cleats to help hold the back together. So I fished in about 4 cleats.
  • Once the seam has dried, the position of the block on the back needed to be adjusted.
  • Unglue the block from the back.
  • Adjust the alignment and regle the block.
  • This cello's lower seams were all messed up. Buldging out in some areas so they all needed to be reglued.
  • Normally in this situation, I glue one seam at a time and let dry for one day. If the seam is really bad you may need to glue several parts at a time.


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