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Bow Frog Adjustment Guide | Correcting Seating Issues | Callier-Scollard Violin Shop

When rehairing a bow and the frog is not seated correctly on the stick, it neds to be adjusted. Use a pair of needle nose plyers, don't use the bow's screw because you can easily wreck the lining.

Usually a small adjustment of the screw eye will make the frog fit better. The problem is that sometimes the screw eye is slightly bent or the hole in the frog is not straight. For example, the frog is wobbling when the hair is loose. You try to tighten it with 1/2 a turn but now the frog is too tight when you adjust the hair. This could be a couple of problems.

  1. The hole in the stick is worn out and needs to be bushed.
  2. The hole in the frog is crooked
  3. The screw eye is bent.

Screw eyes are made of brass so you can easily bend them to make a small adjustment and that can make the frog fit much better. Here is a simple trick that makes the process safe and quick.

  1. Mark the screw eye with some white so you know the orientation. I place the dot on the side of the bow nut.
  2. Remove the screw eye
  3. Place the screw eye in a machinist vise with a v groove. The grove will keep the eye plum, then use the screw to make sure it's level. And your white dot keeps your orientation. Tighten the vise so the eye does not move, but not so tight that you damage the threads.
  4. At this point it's apparent if the eye is slightly bent.
  5. Remove the screw.
  6. Lightly tap the eye in the direction that is needed for the adjustment.
    • If the screw is bent, use the vise as a reference to make it straigt
    • If the hole is crooked bend the eye in the opposite direction of the problem.
  7. Replace the eye back in the frog, your white dot should be in the same direction.
  8. Check the fitting of the frog, repeat if necessary.
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