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Repairing Loose or Broken Frog Edges During Bow Rehairing

While in the process of rehairing a bow, you slide the ring off and the edge of the frog is broken and loose or it just falls off. Ugh. If it's an inexpensive bow and it lines up perfectly you can just glue it back on using CA glue. Note, you better make sure you can line it up perfectly before you attempt this.After about 10 minutes you can remove the excess glue and restore the slide channel. Then you can finish the rehair.

If it's a nicer bow you need to take your time and use a strong glue that needs to be clamped for one day. Basically it's the same procedure but you have more time to insure a perfect alignment.

  • First test fit the broken piece making sure it fits perfectly.
  • Apply the glue and use a couple wraps of thread to hold it into place.
  • If needed adjust the alignment horizontally until it's perfect
  • Lubricate the slide on the gluing side with Vaseline.
  • Push the slide into place.
  • Check to make sure everything is still in alignment.
  • Finish wrapping the frog.
  • Lubricate the ring.
  • Slide it into place
  • In about 10 minutes remove the ring and slide the slide a little. This step insures that there is no glue on the ring or the slide.
  • Push the slide back in and replace the ring.
  • Everything should still be in perfect alignment
  • Wait one day before rehairing.
  • You may need to clean out the slide channel so the slide moves freely.
  • Clean up the outside, so that the repair can't be seen.
  • Finish the rehair.
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