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Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass Repairs

All restoration and repairs are done by Craig Scollard. Some of the more common repairs are listed in the left menu.

I just got a new macro lens for my cell phone so some of the repair photos should look a little sharper.

IMG 20200624 173403 6dime IMG 20200624 173403 6dime
  • Violin Repair and Restoration...
  • Violin Bow Rehairs
  • Viola Bow Rehairs
  • Cello Bow Rehairs
  • Bass Bow Rehairs
  • Violin Crack Repair
  • Viola Crack Repair
  • Cello Crack Repair
  • Bass Crack Repair
  • Broken Bows
  • Open Seams
  • Violin Seams
  • Viola Seams
  • Cello Seams
  • Bass Seams
  • Violin Bridges
  • Viola Bridges
  • Cello Bridges
  • Bass Bridges
  • Violin Repairs
  • Viola Repairs
  • Cello Repairs
  • Bass Repairs
  • Bow Repairs
  • Varnish Touchup
  • Pegs Fitting
  • Fingerboards
  • Finger Boards
  • End Pins
  • Endbuttons
  • Violin Restoration
  • Viola Restoration
  • Cello Restoration
  • Bass Restoration
  • Bow Restoration

Too many cellos and basses arriving at the same time.

IMG 20180926 130656 IMG 20180926 130656
IMG 20180926 130551 IMG 20180926 130551
IMG 20180926 130529 IMG 20180926 130529

Comments (8)
Sound post
# -32
Friday, 04/08/2022
I have a rather unconventional instrument that needs the sound post put in. For all intents and purposes the instrument is 1/4 cello mixed with a guitar. Anyway, the instrument was shipped to me with the sound post removed and I need it put back in. I live near Alhambra and looking to have this done as soon as possible. What are your hours? How much do you charge for this? I will also have a bass viola da gamba that will arrive in the next few weeks that I imagine will need the same service.
Sound Post
Thursday, 04/14/2022
Craig Scollard

Sure bring the cello/guitar in and I'll take a look. Most likely I can put the soundpost back in, but I really need to see it first.

Peg fittings
# -33
Sunday, 02/14/2016
ermay newman
How much do you charge for a viola peg fitting?
Viola Pegs
Monday, 03/07/2016
Craig Scollard
If the viola peg holes are not too large and are straight, it's about $40 and up (violin is about $35 and up) to replace the 4 pegs, plus the cost of the new pegs. Nice pegs start at about $30 and up for a set.
Need price.
# -34
Saturday, 11/08/2014
How much do you charge to change tips to bone. I really dislike the plastic tips. I would be sending them to you from Texas...

Bone Tips
Monday, 03/07/2016
Craig Scollard
Normally I like to use a high grade fiber lined imitation ivory tip. For those I usually charge about $45 plus the tip which currently is about $8. For bone tips I would need to charge a little extra because they are harder to cut and are more brittle. I would recommend using the imitation tips because they feel similar to ivory and look better than bone.

Good Things in Life
# -35
Saturday, 05/19/2012
Bill Roberts
Craigs work reminds me of the author/poet John Neihardt, who wrote:
"The satisfaction of the instinct of workmanship is good; for that instinct is the noblest thing in man after love, from which indeed it springs. Just to do your best at any cost, and afterward to experience something of the Seventh Day glory when you look upon your work and see that it is good."
VioLin rehaired
# -36
Friday, 03/30/2012
Hello, could you please send me some pricing to get my violin bow rehaired. And also pricing to have my strings replaced. My violin has been in the closet for years and its time to bring it back to life. Thank you!
Clean and polish
# -37
Sunday, 04/24/2011
How much do you charge to clean and polish a viola?
Cello Repair
# -38
Monday, 07/26/2010
Do you do repairs on older cellos with a broken neck?
Thank you,
# -39
Sunday, 05/02/2010
Audrey H.

I recently acquired a used violin that is in need of some TLC. Can you please send me a list of your pricing? I could possibly be interested in several different repairs, but I also don't want to spend a fortune since the violin is not that good quality to begin with. Here are some of the things I'm interested in: clean up , bow rehair, repairing a few unsightly chips, changing the chin rest, changing bridge, restringing.

thank you,

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