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50 E. Green St. Suite 142
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 795-2870

Mon, Tue, Wed 10:00-1:00.
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# 42
Sunday, 02/25/2024
Mary McAlpin
Sent a violin bow to be rehaired and retipped and I couldn't be happier with the quality of the job, the price, and the turnaround time. Craig was very helpful, and I would recommend this business to anyone. It's a wonderful resource.
# 41
Tuesday, 10/17/2023
Craigs troubleshooting problems is brilliant, and he's totally reasonable.
Highly recommend his services
# 40
Sunday, 09/17/2023
# 39
Tuesday, 03/07/2023
Lisa Burman
Wonderful man, very knowledgeable and honest. He speaks honestly, and his prices are really fair. One man business, nothing fancy. I have gone to others and they are expensive for the same job. Highly recommended!
# 38
Monday, 01/30/2023
Hyeji Cho
# 37
Friday, 09/30/2022
Nana Chen
A rare find! Callier-Scollard went out of their way to help me rehair my bow and fix a crack on my violin during a short trip to LA. The attention and care was absolutely professional. Thank you!
# 36
Monday, 05/30/2022
Pablo Mendez LA
# 35
Thursday, 05/19/2022
Peyman V
30 years ago, my dear friend Eugene Fodor introduced me to Craig Scollard. I’ve become a long time friend and client, feeling fortunate to know this amazing Luthier. Craig is a craftsman and his honesty is unsurpassed. I highly recommend Craig for your violin's upkeep and repair.
# 34
Saturday, 04/30/2022
Keith Lenz
Craig performed excellent work on my violin. The work was completed in a timely fashion and his rates are very, very reasonable. Callier-Scollard Violins is very highly recommended to anyone needing work done on their string instrument. Thank you very much Craig!
# 33
Saturday, 03/05/2022
Ortho Insider
Best service, best prices in LA.
Thank you Craig!
# 32
Thursday, 03/03/2022
Liza Vielcheva
Great services, great prices, great service!
Thanks Craig!
★★★★★Local Guide
# 31
Friday, 07/23/2021
Mikhail Moldavskiy
I’ve been to other major LA violin shops with multiple staff members, fancy showrooms, high prices, hassling you to get extra this and that done etc. This one-man owner-operated endeavor of Craig wins hands down by far in terms of QUALITY, FAIR PRICE, HONESTY, CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SATISFACTION. The only thing you should be aware of is: do not expect a quick turn around on your work order - for obvious reasons, unless you discuss that in advance and are ready to pay extra, I presume. Other than that - Craig is superb. Thank you.
# 30
Friday, 07/09/2021
Janey Presley
It’s a nifty little shop and the guy is super knowledgeable. Helped fix up my cello very fast and it looks and sounds great.
# 29
Friday, 06/11/2021
Lisa V.
# 28
Thursday, 06/10/2021
Matt Beard
Craig is the best, in both service and pricing. Go here and see for yourself. He fixed our Cello for 1/3 the price quoted from other repair shops.
# 27
Friday, 06/04/2021
★★★★★Local Guide
# 26
Friday, 05/14/2021
Ping M
It’s a quaint little museum to admire and Craig is incredible with his customer. He rehaired the bow and changed stings for my violin, and offered me shoulder rest and muter, all at very affordable price. Craig explained every single detail to me from tuning to using shoulder rest, he made sure my traveling here was all pleasant and so worth it. I would definitely come back.

Keep an eye on the open hour. If another entrance are closed, look for the staired door and there’s a note telling you the number to dial for the violin shop.
# 25
Monday, 03/22/2021
Darlene Biskalis
# 24
Monday, 03/15/2021
Kuan Chen
I discovered Callier-Scollard Violins about 3 years ago . Graig is very passionate about what he does, with the utmost honesty , integrity and super affordable price. I am very grateful!
# 23
Tuesday, 02/09/2021
Ran Pang
I rehaired my violin bow here. Love the price, and communicating with Craig.

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