Callier-Scollard Violins
Craig Scollard

50 E. Green St. Suite 142
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 795-2870

Mon, Tue, Wed 10:00-1:00.
Thu, Fri, Sat 2:00 to 5:00

Intercom Access Code, Press:
142 and then the CALL button:

History of Paul Callier's Violin Shops in Pasadena

Paul Callier had three locations in Pasadena. The first shop on was at 50 1/2 S. Fair Oaks around 1952 or before, sometime before 1971 Paul moved to 628 N. Los Robles, then eventually to 50 E. Green Street, the green hotel.


epson-gj463 Sunset epson-gj463 Sunset
paul0409 Sunset paul0409 Sunset
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epson-gj474 Los Robles epson-gj474 Los Robles
epson-gj476 Los Robles epson-gj476 Los Robles
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IMG 20190422 111835 IMG 20190422 111835
paul-green-st-640 paul-green-st-640
Los-Robles Los-Robles
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Callier-Records-861 Callier-Records-861
Callier-Records-862 Callier-Records-862
Callier-Records-666 Sunset Callier-Records-666 Sunset
Callier-Records-912-Star-News Callier-Records-912-Star-News
Green Hotel Sign Green Hotel Sign
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IMG 20220521 161331 843 IMG 20220521 161331 843
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