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5906 W. Sunset

The Old Hollywood Shop. From about 1928 to 1985.

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epson-gj461 epson-gj461
epson-gj472-smaller epson-gj472-smaller
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oldhollywood0399 oldhollywood0399
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oldhollywood0401 oldhollywood0401
oldhollywood0402 oldhollywood0402
oldhollywood0408 oldhollywood0408
Callier-Records-703 Callier-Records-703
Callier-Records-739 Callier-Records-739
Callier-Records-736 Callier-Records-736



Some closeups of people that are on the bulletin board.

Rubinoff 1924 Rubinoff 1924
Ignaz Paderewski Ignaz Paderewski
Sal, Janice and Dolores Crimi Sal, Janice and Dolores Crimi
Dick Kesner Dick Kesner
Kolya Levienne 1934 Kolya Levienne 1934
Eugene Ysaye Eugene Ysaye
IMG 20200802 102217 0 IMG 20200802 102217 0
Dave Rubinoff Dave Rubinoff
Joseph Szigeti Joseph Szigeti
Albert Einstein 1937 Albert Einstein 1937
Jack Benny Jack Benny
Albert Spaulding Albert Spaulding
Mischa Elman Mischa Elman
Fritz Kreisler Fritz Kreisler
Erich Lachmann Erich Lachmann
Yehudi Menuhin Yehudi Menuhin
Misha Elman Misha Elman
Jean-Luc Ponty Jean-Luc Ponty
Arthur Hartmann Arthur Hartmann
Callier-Records-850-signature Callier-Records-850-signature
Billy Billy
Callier-Records-851-signature Callier-Records-851-signature
IMG 20200802 102748 8 IMG 20200802 102748 8
IMG 20200802 103134 5 IMG 20200802 103134 5
IMG 20200802 104112 0 IMG 20200802 104112 0


Franz Auer Franz Auer
Artur Rodzinski Artur Rodzinski
Alexander Zukovsky (Isaak) May 4 1931 Alexander Zukovsky (Isaak) May 4 1931
Harold Hensley Harold Hensley
Callier-Records-684-signature Callier-Records-684-signature
Callier-Records-685 Callier-Records-685
Callier-Records-685-signature Callier-Records-685-signature
Walter Brennon "Music School" 1955 Walter Brennon "Music School" 1955
Walter Brennon "Music School" 1955 Walter Brennon "Music School" 1955
"Music School" 1955 ? "Music School" 1955 ?
John Dubbs, Dave Rubinoff, Fritz Kreisler 1940 John Dubbs, Dave Rubinoff, Fritz Kreisler 1940
Eugen Ysaye Eugen Ysaye
Jascha Heifetz Jascha Heifetz
Leopold Auer Leopold Auer
 Otakar Sevcik Otakar Sevcik
Mischa Violin Mischa Violin
Morry King Morry King
Callier-Records-848-signature Callier-Records-848-signature
Callier-Records-849 Callier-Records-849
Morry King April 5, 1981 Morry King April 5, 1981
John Dubbs, Dave Rubinoff, Fritz Kreisler 1940 John Dubbs, Dave Rubinoff, Fritz Kreisler 1940
Gregory Aller and Piatogorsky Gregory Aller and Piatogorsky

Comments (3)
Morry King
# 3
Saturday, 05/29/2021
Barry P. King
Thank you for posting these most historic images. Over 65 years ago I was taken by my father, Morry King to Callier's Violin Shop at Sunset and Bronson. As of 2021 the same building exists.

You have posted an image of "Murray Korda" who was a good friend of my late father, however that image is actually of Morry King, as well as the other image that appears directly above.

There is also a signature on a post card from the Hotel Pontchartrain in Detroit where he worked in the late '60's, after being a headliner at the Sands Copa Lounge in Las Vegas.

Jack Benny was also a good friend of my father and at one time called our home in Las Vegas to ask if he could use Morry's Stradivarius. I remember picking up the phone, and at that time a long distance call was very important.

In closing, thank you for your remembrance of this fabulous place.

Barry P. King, Esq.
Morry King Photo
Saturday, 05/29/2021
Craig Scollard

I knew Murry Korda many years ago and when he retired he opened a bed and breakfast in Virginia. For some reason I always thought that picture was of Murry. I'm sorry that I put his name on your Dad's photo, I'll get that corrected. Written in pencil on the back of that photo is the date: April 5/ '81. What do you think the date is of your Dad's other photo?

I knew Murry's brother Bobby Korda very well and would see Bobby fairly often in my shop. Unfortunately Murry and Bobby have both passed away. By chance would you happen to have a photo of Murry Korda?

Thanks for taking the time to post your comment,

# 2
Monday, 08/10/2020
What a great bulletin board full of such famous music history.

Thanks for uploading close-up photos for everyone to see.
remembering your old Hollywood shop
# 1
Saturday, 12/13/2014
Sue Sailhamer
My great aunt, Jane Haffa, taught violin in the Hollywood area. She passed away in her 80s in 1964. But I remember her talking about your shop on Sunset. I think she was a regular customer. She taught me some violin as a child but after she died (I was in 7th grade) other interests and the fact she was gone put an end to my violin playing. The good news is that 50 years later I am taking Violin lessons and loving it. I hope to visit your shop soon.

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