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Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass Bow Rehairing
bows ready for pickup bows ready for pickup

How much does it cost to rehair a violin bow? Just $ 22 if you leave it for one week. This allows me to schedule the bows that need rehairing evenly throughout the week and that saves you money. If needed I can rehair bows sooner that a week for an additional fee.


Bow rehairing is a skill that takes practice. I usually rehair about three or more bows per day. The first step is removing the old hair. Please do not cut your old hair out of the bow before you take it to the shop. In order to get the ferrule (ring) off of the frog you may need to pull the old hairs out of the frog one by one. If you need to cut the hairs for some reason, please leave about 4" on each end of the bow.


Once all of the blocks and wedge have been removed it's time to select the correct amount of hair for the bow. The stiffer the bow the more hair it needs, I usually like to start with about 15 extra hairs and then when the bow is finished I remove hairs one by one until I get the appropriate balance for that bow.


 I rehair bows frog first because the strongest part of the hair should be at the frog end because that's where most of the force from playing will be. Once the correct knot length is tied the frog block is put in. Then the wedge is fitted. At this point the hair is combed and slightly wetted. The length of the damp hair is measured and the hair is tied off. The reason you measure the hair when it's slightly damp is because then you don't need to take into account the ambient humidity because your measurement is always based on damp hair.  The tip block is then replaced and the hair is slightly wetted, but you need to be careful not to get the hair wet near the wedge, otherwise it will wick under the wedge and the wedge will loosen up. Then the hair needs to dry for about an hour so the hair can stretch out and even up a little.


Click Here to see a more detailed list of the many steps required to rehair a bow.

Bow Rehair Prices

Need to Rehair Need to Rehair


Violin Bow Rehairs

  • Violin Bow Rehairing is still $ 22 for one week service.


Viola Bow Rehairs

  • Viola Bow Rehairing is $ 22 for one week service


Cello Bow Rehairs

  • Cello Bow Rehairing is $ 25 for one week service


Bass Bow Rehairs

  • German Bass Bow Rehairing is $ 40 for black horsehair, one week service
  • French Bass Bow Rehairing is $ 40 for white horsehair, one week service


  • Express service is extra depending on how soon you need the bow back.
  • Same day bow reharing is available but by appointment only.
  • Salt and pepper hair is $3 extra because it is hand mixed from pure white and pure black hair.
Bulk Hair Bulk Hair
IMG 20171216 165313 IMG 20171216 165313
IMG 20180518 172940 IMG 20180518 172940
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